My Goals

At the time of writing this I'm (newly 33)

In the next year... 

I will have completed my externship, my first full-time experience in the service and hospitality industry. 
I will have completed my Associates Degree from the Culinary Institute of America. 
I will have made life-long connections with students and faculty. 


In the next three years... 

I have 100k Youtube Subscribers where I cover fitness, food, and health. My mission is to inspire others to create a life of freedom, whatever that looks like to them.  
I will have worked in the industry, practiced my skills, and am now starting to feel competent in the kitchen. 


In the next five years... 

I will have my own cookbook. 
I will continue to work in the industry, learning as much as I can, traveling to workshops. 
I am working toward/currently have a small boutique hotel or property where I can incorporate my love of good food



In the next ten years... 

Possibly a family. 


In the next twenty years... 

I’m a teacher, bringing my experience and curiosity back to the classroom. 


In the next thirty years... 

I’m in Costa Rica, on a beach with a fire pit and a corona. I have a place where I can share all that I've learned.