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As I think back on my 30 years of life so far, it’s been both interesting and unpredictable. And it feels strangely short, until I take the time to stop and think of all the things that have happened in it. From the kid who would organize magic shows at family holidays and charge admission because he wanted to be the next David Copperfield; to the young adult who was arrested multiple times; to the grown man that has gone on to build, in my opinion, a successful training brand out of a career he fell into by accident. There have been lots of twists and turns and I can’t help but think that my life is turning out in a way I never expected or intended. I never thought I’d be in the position I am today and I have no clue what my life is going to be like in the future, either. But really, how many of us of do?
Usually we can only steer life in a general direction, not toward an exact location. By moving forward, we’ll at least end up in the right overall area.
And when we think about the journey of this crazy experience called life, we often can’t help but wonder how it all happens. How does life unfold?
Choices. Every day choices.
I recently had a first date with a woman who said something that hit me square between the eyes. I can’t remember it verbatim, but she alluded to the fact that what we do at this very moment decides our future. That often we have milestones—our health, a certain body, our business/career, marriage and kids—that we project into the future in hopes that we someday arrive, by coincidence or fate, forgetting that life is no accident.
And when I told her I wanted five PRYMAL gyms around the country within the next five years, she broke it down: that’d be an average of one gym per year. Which means I would have had to start researching and planning for it seven minutes ago.
Another example of this daily choice phenomenon is that if you want to get married in three years, who you’re currently in a relationship with may become the person who walks toward you down the aisle. I thought that was so interesting because we often neglect the small steps leading up to x, y, and z and think life will unravel and we’ll just suddenly arrive like we always dreamed.
The things you do today, and every day, set the stage for your future.
Your decisions today affect the rest of your life.
Sometimes you make bad decisions—like spending a few nights in jail—but overall, I believe life course corrects itself, and can go very well if you take a lot of action and make a lot of decisions today.
What choices will you make today that will affect you tomorrow? Reply back.

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