The Gut.

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We can easily be persuaded. Just a few months ago, I sat down with a very nice and attractive broker that was so friendly and so good at her job, I came dangerously close to signing on the dotted line for a place I wasn’t ready, nor had the cash, for. Thankfully, halfway through the meeting, I snapped out of it, and gave myself a gut check because I knew it wasn’t right for me at that moment, despite how confident and at ease she made me feel.
I bet you can recall at least a few situations where you did something that wasn’t right for you, went down the wrong path, did things you didn’t want to do, all because someone or something convinced you that you should.
Piggybacking on last’s week’s topic of making your life whatever you, and only you, want it to be, I want to talk about our gut. I’m a firm believer this is where we store our true self. Call it whatever you want—intuition, funny feeling, sixth sense—but we know what is best for us, and going with our instincts is always, always, the best plan.
We may not like it, and it may difficult to listen ourselves, but that doesn’t make it any less “right”. We get into trouble when we ignore that voice or feeling. Bad relationships, crappy career, useless degree. These are all outcomes of us blocking out what we knew all along, because we thought we “knew” better.
No matter the advice anyone gives you—your friends, family, me, a role model, author—and no matter how smart, successful, or idolized, the person telling you is, I believe in only letting yourself decide if it’s right. I would argue that we almost always know the answer but we’re either looking for permission because we don’t trust ourselves or we are wanting to be off the hook for our choice and have someone to blame if shit hits the fan. Both are unhealthy and dangerous mindsets for a successful and happy life. The billon dollar personal development industry is a perfect example of us loving, and even being addicted to, being told what to do. But no book or guru is going to have the answers to your life. Sorry. What works for me, won’t work for you. You need to let your gut override their advice.
And so, I believe in putting life decisions in two buckets: Exciting and Exhausting.
Pay attention to your gut and go do more of what excites you. Do less of what exhausts you.   
Marketing for your gym? Is it exciting or exhausting you?
On the phone with a prospective client? Same question.
Driving to the gym? Anxious?
Did you hear about the Instagram feature? Are you pumped or care less?
Whatever exhausts you, excites another. My friend can’t stand writing copy for his gym’s social media, while I could spend all day doing it. Each one of us has a different answer to the above questions, and thus a different life script.
If it doesn’t excite you, don’t do it. At least not right now. There’s almost nothing that you must do (besides pay taxes). And whatever drains you, someone, somewhere is excited about doing. Find them and let them do it. That’s why there’s tax accountants.
Lately, writing has been so interesting and fun for me that I sometimes skip my workouts, something I previously never did or even gave a thought to. But, I follow what my intuition is telling me and find it intriguing, and even a little weird, how I’m more excited to finish and polish this post than going and doing some deadlifts. Maybe that will change in a few months?
Love what you’re doing and life will love you back. Work toward doing what excites you most, which will increase your work output, and thus open more doors and more opportunities. Life will get a little easier because you’re doing what you’re meant to do. Nothing is worth losing your enthusiasm and you can’t accomplish anything great without it.

#HaveMoreFun #LifeIsGood. Don't you agree?

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