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Our notions about fitness are molded from the very start, whether it be from our first few workouts, a mentor we had, or the magazines—in today’s world, the social media—we consume. We tend to find a way, dig our feet in, and never look back.
We are heavily influenced by our surroundings. This is true for fitness as much as it is for politics. Chances are if you’re a male and grew up in California you might do yoga and swear by it. But if you grew up in Texas, you wouldn’t be caught dead doing chattaraongas. See the issue here? We down the Kool-Aid, without ever noticing the Gatorade near by.
If we all have a bias, who’s right?
Me? You? “Them”?
Maybe it is okay to push clients to the point of complete exhaustion, disregard proper technique, and do jumping lunges. But I have a funny feeling it’s not.
Don’t get me wrong. I love iron and barbells. Bodybuilding was my first love—my high school sweetheart I’ll never forget—but bodyweight training is highly underrated in health and fitness, partly because I believe it looks so simple and companies can’t sell you your own body.
I just don’t buy it that a room full of giant ass pieces of metal with four different machines for calves or six for chest is effective for the general population of fitness. It’s bizarre to me and seems like a waste of space, iron, and time.
Fitness is free, people. You pay in perspiration. 
I was one of those who wrote off bodyweight and stretching and yoga and all that stuff as soft and pointless. Very Jane Fonda. Fuck that, I needed to scream and punish myself. Deadlift 500 pounds until I popped a blood vessel in my eye or got a nose bleed. Somewhere along the way the definition of a great workout was measured by how shitty or sore I felt after.
No thank you. Not anymore at least. 
With bodyweight exercises you won’t get super jacked from doing push-ups, but who cares? It’s where I believe everyone should start. You can still achieve a great physique without all that shit you see in gyms, just by using your own limbs. Take a trip to Rome and admire the gladiators if you don’t believe me. Controlling your body through space is a crucial life skill, not just for our safety, but for our day-to-day function. It’s scary how disconnected most are from their own bodies, having neglected it for so long that they can’t perform basic movements. We’ve become so molded by our furniture that a simple bodyweight squat is a challenge.
And bodyweight exercises couldn’t be more convenient. No need for a membership or a contract. It’s idiot proof. Whereas weight training is a skill in itself. And because so many have horrible movement patterns already, adding load (like barbells, dumbbells, etc.) to an already dysfunctional body is a complete disaster, which does permanent damage to our one and only body.
It’s also mind strengthening. I’m convinced walking on a treadmill makes you dumb and turns you into a zombie. Bodyweight is the complete opposite and requires you to be engaged and actively thinking. You can’t just zone out into space. You have to be aware and conscience. And I think we could all use more of that.

*If you want to see more of what I’m talking about, tune into PRYME TIME every Wednesday at 7 PM CST on my personal Facebook. A live 20 minute workout. Sometimes that’s all you need. Consistent, everyday, 20 minute sessions. Promise. For the time it would have taken you to drive to the gym you could have your workout over and done with. It really is free fitness. 

Who here's been introducing more bodyweight exercises since reading/believing in my approach to fitness? I want to hear it. What are your results? What changes have you noticed? Lemme know by replying back.

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