F*ck Your Macros

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While counting macros works extremely well, details make my head hurt. In the big picture, daily movement and smarter food choices is far better than counting out almonds and weighing chicken, and yet so many think that’s the only way to do it.
What exactly does “smarter food choices” mean? Common sense would say we should probably eat as close to nature as possible. Whole foods. A balance and variety of vegetables, fruit, seeds, nuts, and protein. Not necessarily “paleo” but rather eating like an adult human being.  
It doesn’t make sense how overcomplicated we make it out to be, majoring in the minors. The world is fat because we eat garbage food and barely move. And then we become impatient and give up when we forget that the body is extremely hard to change. Not because of (insert every excuse) here. Period.
[1] Routines.
I keep harping on this. I touched on it last week with procrastination and now I’m talking about it again with foods. See the patterns here. Whether we are talking about building a business or a body, the mindset is universal. 
Making the same breakfast every morning. Going to the grocery every Sunday. The more we can systemize our day, and take thinking out of the decision-making process, the more efficient we can be.
I don’t debate my food choices, instead I autopilot my choices by eating the same thing day in and day out.
[2] It’s all good.
We’re unnecessarily harsh and beat ourselves up because every meal or workout isn’t perfect.

Clinging onto this unrealistic ideal of how things were supposed to go is a losing strategy. Get over yourself. It will be messy so you will have to regularly adjust.
Everything takes longer than we think so celebrate along the path or you will be miserable. 
Two glasses of wine instead of the typical four. A McDonald’s burger without the bun instead of fries. These are wins and deserve a light pat on the back. Continue to build and improve, being optimistic about how far you’ve come instead of focusing on how far you have to go.
It’s important to feel successful otherwise you throw in the towel.  
[3] Eat your fucking veggies.
People will tell me they can’t lose fat and yet not be able to recall the last time they ate something green. Or natural. Or from the ground. Vegetables are key. The vitamins, the fiber, the
nutrients, the sheer volume of food you can eat. It’s all good, good, good. Everyday should be salad day.
Prioritizing protein and vegetables is a surefire win to the fat loss game. Hands down. Think green face.
I’m still shocked how many miss this part. Fuck the protein bars and the “food” products…eat as close to the source as possible. Or to put it another way, eat fewer things out of a box.
The cool part is the more you eat this way—the way nature intended—you’ll begin to crave and enjoy them more as your palette adjusts. An apple begins to tastes like candy. Promise.
And just so we’re clear, protein is chicken, steak, fish, turkey, egg whites. Things of that nature…not bacon or peanut butter. 
[4] Don’t drink calories.
Just stop with the coconut water, Smoothie King, Gatorade, soda, and even some ready made protein drinks. Our bodies have a very difficult time telling our brain we’re full. It’s easy to
down an 800 calorie “healthy” Jamba Juice with 100 grams of sugar and feel hungry soon thereafter. Our bodies are confused. You need food. Real food that takes energy (calories) to
break down.
This especially applies alcohol.
If you can’t severely cut down on alcohol then you will have a very, very hard time with any fitness goals. You can do it, but it will just take a hell of a lot longer. Cutting down means two to
three drinks a week.
[5] Do it.
“It’s a process.” “It’s a journey.” “Put in the work.” All the cliché things are true.
Unsubscribe to my blog if you haven’t put any of my recommendations into play at this point because if you’re just consuming more and more information then I have no hope for you. I’m not writing this for kicks and giggles. The above principals work extremely well.
Building in solid routines, eating nutrient dense whole foods, minimizing alcohol, focusing on veggies and lean protein. These are the tried and true principals that work for everyone.
It won’t be easy and you will screw it up along the way. But as long as you keep pilling on the bricks you will live a long, healthy life, and what else could we really ask for?
Fitness is so simple we’ve been tricked into thinking that it’s easy. It’s neither easy nor difficult. It just takes a very, very long time. But the years will pass regardless, and we have no choice
other than to make changes and be patient, or stay the same and get worse.
Reply back, letting me know what you ate for dinner last night.

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